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By 1969 Kendal has one of the largest Trustee and Investment departments in the North, situated on the floors above the branch at 9 Highgate.  This is something of a coup for Kendal Branch which already acts as banker to a number of large national companies.  The area also benefits from a considerable amount of local wealth, so immediate friendly advice on taxation and investment are just the right services to offer here. 

In Service: 1940s until 1969

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Martins Bank Trust Company Limited also has offices throughout the country, looking after the investment and taxation needs of Martins Bank’s customers.  From Will Writing to Unit Trust advice, Trustee and Investment Department Staff will help people through the maze of options available in 1960s Britain, not least the complicated tax system.  Details are avalable at any branch, along with an array of leaflets to introduce customers to the services that Martins Bank Trust Company has to offer…

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1952 to 1960 Mr N Chamley MBM-Sp64P08

1954 to 1963 Mr A C Preston MBM-Wi63P09

1965 Mr BL Skiming pro Manager MBM-Su65P08.jpg

1967 Mr FC Snowdon Trust Controller MBM-Sp67P04.jpg

1967 Mr J Lane Manager MBM-Sp67P03.jpg

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Mr N Chamley

Investment staff

1952 to 1960

Mr A C Preston

Investment Staff

1954 to 1963

Mr J H Aidley

Pro Manager

1958 to 1967

Mr B L Skiming

Pro Manager


Mr F C Snowdon

Trust Controller


Mr J Lane


1967 onwards

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1966 Mr P Mundford Manager Kendal Income Tax Department MBM-Sp66P05 MBM-Sp66P05.jpg

1968 Mr EAR Northam Manager Kendal Income Tax Dept MBM-Sp68P08.jpg

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Mr P Mundford

Income Tax Manager

1966 to 1968

Mr E A R Northam

Income Tax Manager






Isle of Man Trust Company






Telephone Number:


Martins Bank Trust Company Limited

Trustee and Investment Department

9 Highgate Kendal Westmorland

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

No Saturday opening

Kendal 2112 / 4

Mr J Lane Manager

Leeds Trustee and Investment

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