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Where Yorkshire, Lancashire and Westmorland converge, the Bank of Liverpool inherits in 1893, a cluster of beautifully appointed branches and agencies across the dales and fells. Sedbergh is a remote and beautiful part of Yorkshire, and here, the Kendal Bank’s long association with the famous Sedbergh School, means there is a Branch of the Bank in one of the school buildings from the middle 1800s until 1953, when Martins Bank moves the business to nearby purpose built premises. A clue as to how a bank in a school came to be, is given in this short extract from Martins Bank Magazine’s visit to the new Branch in 1968:

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A Celebration: Sedbergh Jubilee 1935 – Martins Bank at Evans house (right)

Courtesy Sedbergh and District History Society.

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1968 04 MBM.jpg…and what of its famous school? This too is blended into the landscape, its buildings widely dispersed and woven into the fabric of Sedbergh. Founded in 1525 it has become one of the most important schools in the north of England.  It is perhaps significant that the school and Martins, both with four centuries of tradi­tion, should have an association going back many years through the early Kendal bankers, Maude Wilson & Crewdson. And before our present office was built some fifteen years ago the branch was located in Evans House, one of the school buildings.

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1953 Evans House Francis Frith (free-use) CRPD - MBA Evans House Sedbergh (Left) ca. 1950

Image © Francis Frith Ltd Ref: S88028

Displayed with the kind permission of Francis Frith Ltd

We are indebted to the Sedbergh and District History Society for the image of Martins Bank at Evans House in 1935 (above), and to Sedbergh School AND Francis Frith Ltd, for the image (left) which also shows the Branch at Evans House – to the left of the picture – as it was in 1953.# Our own Archive has the cheque below, which was in use towards the end of Martins Bank’s time at Sedbergh School…

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Image © Martins Bank Archive Collection

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1907 to 1908 Mr H Parker joined the bank here MBM-Sp50P11.jpg

1915 to 1916 Mr G W Iveson joined the bank here MBM-Sp60P47.jpg

1918 Mr C Haworth joined the bank here MBM-Wi61P53.jpg

1919 Mr W R Gordon MBM-Wi60P49.jpg

1935 to 1954 Mr E Herd Manager MBM-Wi54P46.jpg

1938 to 1939 Mr GA Bateson MBM-Wi64P06.jpg

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Mr H Parker

Joined the Bank here

1907 to 1908

Mr G W Iveson

Joined the Bank here

1915 to 1916

Mr C Haworth

Joined the Bank here


Mr W R Gordon

On the Staff


Mr E Herd


1935 to 1954

Mr G A Bateson

On the Staff

1938 to 1939

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1939 to 1941 Mr J R Williams MBM-Sp65P06.jpg

1943 to 1957 Mr FR Alston MBM-Wi67P01.jpg

1950 to 1954 Mr GR Dolman  MBM-Wi67P06.jpg

BW Logo

BW Logo

BW Logo

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Mr J R Williams

On the Staff

1939 to 1941

Mr F R Alston

On the Staff

1943 to 1957

Mr G R Dolman

On the Staff

1950 to 1954





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Index Number and District:






11-728 Sedbergh School

Main Branch

Evans House Main Street Sedbergh Yorkshire

220 Northern

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Sedbergh 212

Counter Service

Mr Edmund Herd Manager

Sub Branches

11-61-70 DENT

Pre 1893

27 June 1893

18 December 1918

3 January 1928


Wakefield Crewdson’s Kendal Bank

The Bank of Liverpool

The Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited

Closed and moved to 28 Main Street