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image038This photograph from Martins Bank Magazine’s Autumn 1961 edition, does not do justice to the 1957 rebuild of Eastbourne branch, which is first opened in Terminus Road by Martins Bank in 1946. There are no photographs of the Branch in Barclays’ collection of Martins Bank photographs.  The area around the front door, including the use of a sculptured coat of arms above, is copied  almost identically, when Martin opens a Branch at SCARBOROUGH SOUTH CLIFF two years later. Eastbourne was never actually due a visit from the Magazine, but a chance visit to the town by the editor allowed for this very short article in 1961…p

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Eastbourne was not on the list of branches to receive an official visit on this occasion but as we were in the town for a different reason we managed to find time to pay a short visit to our old friend Mr. F. T. Silcock who was in charge of our branch at Lilliput when we featured it in our pages in 1952.  It was our first visit to Eastbourne and although we published pictures of the office after reconstruction in 1958, this was the first time we had seen it for ourselves. Eastbourne is obviously a very prosperous town with many magnificent hotels. and numerous new blocks of expensive flats, and others in course of con­struction.  In the midst of all this material wealth it was a wise decision to build our branch so that it is in keeping with the best contemporary building around it, and a very fine and dignified job they have made of it.


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1959 Eastbourne Exterior MBM-Sp59P23.jpg

Branch Images © Martins Bank Archive Collection


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A feature of the banking hall is a most beautiful floral display which is the work of Miss March who arranges it week by week throughout the year.  We were very pleased to meet her and the other members of the staff during our brief visit in the late afternoon of July 19.

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For our second Eastbourne feature, we look at the retirement gathering in honour of Mr J Murray, Manager of the Branch from 1946 to 1959…

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1959 03.jpgAt the end of July Mr Murray Retired after forty-six years’ service and to mark the occasion he gave a cocktail party at the Cumberland Hotel, Eastbourne, on July 31, which was attendedby ninety members of the staff, customers, and friends.  During the course of the proceedings, Mr L G Tunnah, London District General Manager, made a presentation on behalf of the subscribers of a clock, a cheque and an album of signatures, and spoke appreciatively of Mr Murray’s many years of service in the North Eastern and London Districts, and wished him a long a happy retirement.  Miss Stella Marsh presented Mrs Murray with a bouquet and expressed the good wishes of all present. Mr Murray commenced his service in 1913 at Newcastle.  During the First World War in which he served from 1915 to 1917,  he was wounded during the Persian Gulf Campaign.  He subsquently served at Dunston, Ellison Street Jarrow, Newcastle Westgate, Darlington and on the Newcastle District General Manager’s Staff before his first appointment as Manager at Newcastle Northumberland Street in 1932.  He became Manager at Eastbourne in 1939

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1939 to 1959 Mr J Murray Manager MBM-Au59P51.jpg

1946 Mr N Mereweather MBM-Wi67P02

1946 to 1947 Mr R St J Adcock MBM-Su67P58

1952 mr f t silcock manager mbm-wi52p10

1962 to 1967 Mr H Lumley MBM-Au61P12

1965 Mr NR Frake MBM-Wi67P06

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Mr J Murray


1946 to 1959

Mr N Mereweather

On the Staff


Mr R St J Adcock

On the Staff

1946 to 1947

Mr F T Silcock


1959 onwards

Mr H Lumley

On the Staff

1962 to 1967

Mr N R Frake

On the Staff

1965 onwards


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Index Number and District:






11-57-30 Eastbourne

Full Branch

130 Terminus Road Eastbourne Sussex

439 London

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Eastbourne 22000

Nightsafe Installed

F T Silcock Manager





13 December 1969

Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Business temporarily transferred to 23 Seaside Road

130 terminus Road Re-opened

Closed and business transferred to Barclays 189 Terminus Road