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It might be one of the last of Martins Bank’s Branches to be opened, but it does last for several decades.  In March 1969, the business of the Bank’s Branch at 91 NORTHUMBERLAND STREET Newcastle upon Tyne is transferred to 7 Market Street, and a year or so later is merged into Barclays.  In 2001 Market Street merges with Barclays 141 Haymarket, and closes. The image above is the closest we can get to Martins’ original layout, and shows Market Street in the early days of Barclays’ ownership in 1972. 

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In Service: 24 March 1969 until 19 October 2001

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The bank advertises in the local press to let customers know that the new branch is on its way. On this occasion, the Newcastle Evening Chronicle publishes a “special feature” which is really just a chance to let some of the companies responsible for the fitting out of the new branch to advertise, and for the Bank to say a little bit about what is happening and why. The main text of the special feature is reproduced below…

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{Mr Cyril Robinson, manager of Martins new Market Street branch, has been manager at the Northumberland Street Office since 1961. Before that he was manager at Gosforth and Forest Hall. Mr. Robinson is a native of Hartlepool and is a former member of Hartlepools and Newcastle Round Table. From next Monday Martins Bank moves into Newcastle's Market Street. The up-to-the-minute banking office has been created in the former Rock Building Society headquarters.

Newcastle Evening Chronicle 21/03/1969

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C S Robinson Manager“Naturally I hope the siting of the office will attract many new customers,” Mr. Cyril Robinson, the manager, said. “But basically it will take over the business of our Northumberland Street branch which will now close.The building is being sold because of the proposed redevelopment of the area.” Customers of the Northumberland Street branch will find much more space —there are six cashier positions—and a very much more modern office at Market Street. The building’s original wall panelling has been kept, but a warmer, more intimate atmosphere has been introduced by architects L. J. Couves and Partners with a false ceiling containing acoustic units, recessed lighting and decorative tungsten fittings. Royal blue rubber has been used to cover the floor of the customers’ space, with white panels set in before each of the cashier portions. The counter, topped in teak and lino, is faced with stainless steel and the counter security screens have stainless steel frames. Mr. Robinson’s room, and that of his assistant, are fully carpeted. Wood and melamine panelling to form a pleasing contrast to the teak furnishings. Outside, the building is almost in its original form apart from the ground floor facade which was redesigned 20 years ago to harmonise with the architectural features of the remainder of the block. “Altogether the sort of branch that makes a visit to the bank a real pleasure”, Mr. Robinson added}.

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In response to our appeal for more information about Market Street Branch, Paul Thompson got in touch with us from Australia to tell us about his time there:

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“I was transferred in July 1968 to Northumberland Street (Newcastle city) branch, a few months before it closed and moved to a new location at Market Street. When it came to moving to Market Street we all had to come in at the weekend and help shift everything. When it had all been put into the removal vans I noticed that there was still a clock on the wall and mentioned it. “we're not taking it, if you want it take it”, which I did and it is still ticking away nicely, keeping perfect time on a wall at my house nearly 50 years later. I remained at Market Street branch for about two and a half years. You have asked for information about the branch. As it was nearly 50 years ago my memory of names may not be accurate but Mr C S (Cyril) Robinson was the manager and Mr M. Ramsdale was the assistant manager (I think his Christian name was Mike). A funny incident happened while I was there with Mr Ramsdale, his typist asked him could she abbreviate his title as it was long, so he said OK. About one minute after taking all his letters into his room for signing he came storming out, "what have you called me?" She had abbreviated his title to Managers Ass”.

Sep 1.jpg has also provided us with a number of contemporary images of North Eastern District Branches, and here, although we don’t have a period view of MARTINS at Market Street, there is one of Barclays to compare with today’s incarnation - the Theatre Royal Café…

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1968 Mr MP Ramsdale pro Manager MBM-Sp68P06

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Mr C S Robinson TD


1969 onwards

Mr M P Ramsdale

Pro Manager

1969 onwards

Mr Paul Thompson

On the Staff

1969 to 1971

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Index Number and district:






11-47-60 Newcastle Market Street

Full Branch

7 Market Street Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6HU

385 North Eastern

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Newcastle 29831/2

Nightsafe Installed

Mr C S Robinson TD Manager

Newcastle-upon-Tyne Longbenton

24 March 1969

15 December 1969

19 October 2001

Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-59-82 Newcastle Market Street

Merged with Barclays Haymarket Branch and Closed

North East Coast Exhibition 1929


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